1. MOS Preloved is a meeting place for saree lovers. Where sarees are previously owned and always loved. So please take care to only choose sarees that the new owner would wear with pride and love with all her heart. Please choose sarees that are in good, wearable condition.

  2. Please ensure the saree:
    Is not faded
    Has no tears or holes
    Has no discoloration or patches
    Has no visible stains (in case there are one or two small stains, clearly state the extent of the stains)

  3. Saree needs to be dry-cleaned / starched

  4. In the seller onboarding form (link form here)
    Provide ID proof, bank account details and complete address including landmark

  5. Provide a brief description of the saree (e.g. beautiful pink Chanderi with gold zaree border and teardrop shaped zari work all over the pallo).
    Must include:
    1. Type: Cotton, Silk, Georgette, Crepe, Blended Silk, Blended Cotton
    2. Region: Bishnupuri Silk, Gadwal Cotton, if you are not sure you could also write just Bengal silk or Andhra Cotton
    3. Any other details: Block printed a plain Tussar or added a border to a plain Kanjeevaram
    4. Usage: Never worn / barely worn (1 or 2 wears) / Gently worn (worn 5/6 times) / Well worn (more than 6 times)
    5. A brief history of this saree: MOS believes that every saree has a story to share - funny, nostalgic, and poignant as the case may be. So do share the saree story - bought for a song, emptied your pockets for, a gift from someone you love, a special occasion purchase, an inherited saree. Stories will enhance the appeal of the saree.
    6. Photographs: Three to four clear photographs of the saree. All photographs should be taken in the day, please lay out the saree in an aesthetically appealing manner (please refer to the website for some ideas and inspiration), we would suggest you also add small props like an earring or a plant or stationery that add to the overall effect. The saree needs to be showcased to create interest and engagement. Please include the following three types of photographs:
      1. Photograph 1: Capturing the saree in its entirety, either folded or hung
      2. Photograph 2: Focus is on the pallo or aachal
      3. Photograph 3: Captures the body of the saree including the border
      4. Photograph 4(Optional): Provides a different angle of the saree or focuses on a weave/booti or the border or any other part that is special about the saree and heightens the appeal
    7. Price: Please provide your suggested pricing. MOS Preloved might edit / change the price to keep it in line with market pricing and usage. You could use the following guidelines for pricing your saree:
      1. Check the current market price of your saree (e.g., a similar M.P. Block printed silk is priced at Rs. 7,000/-)
      2. Factor in usage
        1. Never worn: Reduce by 10%, price at Rs.6,300/
        2. Barely worn: Reduce by 15%, price at Rs.5,950/
        3. Gently worn: Reduce by 20%, price at 5,600/
        4. Well worn: Reduce by 30% to 40% depending on material and condition of the saree, like cottons wear out more than silks, Price between Rs. 4,200/ to Rs.4,900/. The above prices are an illustration (example) to help you decide on how to price your saree. The price of each saree will be different.
      3. The final price paid to you would be excluding the platform charges.

  6. Please fold and pack the saree to ensure the saree stays safe during the courier pickup and delivery process. Use a nice, saree bag if you can.

  7. Add a little handwritten note for the buyer, the gift of love would make her feel special.

  8. Write out the sender and receiver addresses clearly.

  9. Be available at home during courier pick-ups.