From the Curator of Preloved

Susmita misra

It has been over eleven years since we (my sister Suneeta Mishra and I) created The Magic of Sarees, aimed at promoting saree wearing across the globe. Sparked off by a casual conversation between friends about the ‘saree state of affairs’, The Magic of Sarees has today morphed into a large online saree enthusiasts’ forum.

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Our Story

We are building a community marketplace for the exchange of sarees. Each piece is unique and has a component of history to it.

We are storytellers.
We believe that every saree has one to tell.

We are curators.
Every listing is carefully chosen to perfection.

We care.
Sustainable fashion for us is a priority.

We vouch.
The authenticity of sellers and sarees is guaranteed.

We are lovers.
Of sarees and their everlasting magic.

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Featured article

Blouse maketh the saree

Blouse maketh the saree

Blouses maketh the saree because it is the blouse that you maketh again and again and yet again. So, an ever-changing body type and size seems like...

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MOS Community Speaks

Experience florals, preloved. 

The wind blows and brings the familiar fragrance back. The petals usher the new- a beginning,

Experience comfort, preloved.

The warm summer breeze is like a soft caress momentarily eliminating all the stress. It carries on and leaves the place in stillness and silence when gone. Let your skin breathe enveloped in cotton.

Experience festive wear, preloved.

The light of festivities shines bright, as your face beams. It flows from you- you’re the enigma who spreads it - in families and friends.

Experience skill, preloved.

Born from the Earth- rejoicing the craft itself- with all its intricacies.

Experience workwear, preloved.

It is contagious- the pride, when a woman gets ready everyday and  walks with her chin up. She knows what she wants and inches towards it day by day.

Experience everyday celebration, preloved.

Sunk deep in the wardrobe- looking for something which is just right for the occasion. The day is special but so are you. For the small wins, the sweet brunches and the stylish cocktails.