The Magic of Sarees: A decade of love and magic

An online community of saree lovers, the genesis of MOS lies in the ardent love for sarees and to spread its magic far and wide. Every woman treasures her collection of sarees- the rich history, stories of where they came from, who they were gifted by, serves as reminders each time she opens her wardrobes. Sarees are cultural artefacts and we at MOS Preloved, preserve the sarees and their stories so that new ones could be created and the magic continues..

The visual of a saree clad woman fondly looking back at the passing-on of her treasured possession is the visual identity of MOS Preloved.

From the Curator of Preloved

It has been over eleven years since we (my sister Suneeta Mishra and I) created The Magic of Sarees, aimed at promoting saree wearing across the globe. Sparked off by a casual conversation between friends about the ‘saree state of affairs’ has today morphed into a large online saree enthusiasts’ forum.
Over time one has been privy to sarees and their stories- funny, nostalgic, poignant. Women have been wowed by each other’s collection of sarees, lamented about the surplus sarees they own, talked about sarees that they have loved but no longer find use for and sarees that they are longing to buy and wish they had access to (either way beyond their budget or no longer being woven in its original avatar). The next logical step therefore was to extend The Magic of Sarees to create a platform, MOS Preloved, where these pre-owned sarees could be exchanged, for a fee.
Sarees that have been previously owned and loved could now find their way to newer homes/newer saree shelves. The saga of them being loved, worn and creating stories could continue.

Preloved as a concept is very dear to my heart and  has been a way of life for me. Being the younger of us sisters I inherited clothes, books and even the study was previously used. Preloved according to me has more character than something bought off the shelf as it carries a little bit of the previous owner’s personality/memories.

Coming to Preloved sarees, when you wear something that comes Preloved, you get wrapped in a little bit of that love. I continue to drape sarees that belong to my mother/sister/friends. At least 30% of my wardrobe comprises preloved sarees (inherited/gifted/begged, borrowed, stolen). 

Curating and putting together this collection has been exciting. Women have parted with their much-loved sarees and saree stories in the hope that these sarees find equally loving new owners. While narrating the stories, they have re-lived a little bit of their life journey. A saree that was bought for a baby shower or a gift from a special friend or one that someone emptied her pockets for on a visit to Kolkata or the hard to resist bargain one from Gwalior. The stories involve other people, places, occasions, emotions, all of it bundled into the six yards. 

We hope you will both find your choice of sarees among these as well as contribute some of your favourite preloved ones on the platform. And good karma for being a part of the sustainable fashion movement- could not get better than this.

Let us continue to spread the magic of sarees. MOS Preloved, previously owned and always loved.

Happy draping!

Susmita Misra
The Magic of Sarees