• What is a Preloved saree?
  • A Preloved saree is a saree that has been previously owned by someone. The original owner now wants to part with the saree for varied reasons: lack of space, color or saree type does not suit her age/life stage, looking to replace this saree with newer sarees and is happy to sell the saree to those who will take care of the saree and wear it with love/pride. Previously owned and always loved. 

  • Who can sell sarees on MOS Preloved?
  • Any one who owns at least one saree in wearable condition, has a valid ID proof and bank account can become a seller on MOS

  • What details would the seller need to provide?
    1. The seller needs to be able to provide
    2. identification details (PAN card, Aadhar card, Passport)
    3. bank account details
    4. three to four clear photographs capturing the saree in its entirety, the pallo and body. 
    5. a brief description of the saree (type, region, usage) and any story related to the saree. 
    6. indicative price for the saree (please refer to the pricing guidelines), final price would be decided by MOS Preloved
  • How can I buy sarees on MOS Preloved?
  • Buying a saree on MOS Preloved is similar to making a purchase on any ecommerce site.Browse the site, select saree to buy and make the payment The saree would get delivered to you within 5/7 working days, depending on the location of the seller of the saree and your location.

  • Can I sell any type of saree on MOS Preloved?
  • Yes, any type of saree that is in good, wearable condition (no visible stains, no tears or holes, not faded or discolored) can be sold on MOS Preloved

  • Why should I sell my sarees?
  • If you have a saree in good, wearable condition but are not planning to wear it for some reason, it would be nice to pass it to someone who wishes to own a saree like yours. Your saree would be loved, worn and continue to spread its magic

  • Why should I buy from MOS Preloved?

  • There are a variety of reasons why people buy sarees from MOS Preloved
    1. The Magic of Sarees has been popularizing saree wearing across the globe for over a decade or more. Members are saree connoisseurs, saree wearers and saree lovers. So, the sarees on display are from verified sellers, who want to spread the magic of sarees.
    2. MOS Preloved allows you access to a varied range of sarees from vintage classics to last season’s favorites, so there is a saree for every one
    3. You a pay a lower price for the same quality/type of saree
    4. Allows you access to some rare weaves which may have been discontinued
    5. You become part of the community that believes in sustainable fashion and help save the environment/planet
  • How do you classify a saree on MOS?
  • Pre-loved sarees, previously owned by someone. All sarees would be in wearable condition and details of wear clearly specified
      1. Never worn- seller has owned the saree but not had the opportunity or inclination to wear the saree
      2. Barely worn- the seller has owned the saree and maybe worn it once 
      3. Gently worn- seller has owned and worn the saree a few times
      4. Well worn- seller has worn the saree more than five/six times 
    1.  How is the price decided for the sarees I buy from MOS?
      1. Pricing guidelines would be provided by MOS, seller would propose a price based on these guidelines, final price would be decided by MOS Preloved
      2. Benchmarked to current market price for a similar saree 
      3. Discounted by age of the saree, usage and condition

    2. How do I list myself on the platform?
    3. Each product listing needs to include: 

      1. Images – 1 to 3 images of the saree (in the specified format)
      2. Product description (including wash and care instructions)
      3. Name for the saree(based on type, relationship with owner- Feroza( for a blue saree) or Udita for a bright orange saree etc.
      4. Short story associated with the saree
      5. Usage details of the saree
      6. Price: Price of the saree plus shipping costs( within India only)