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SMITA - Greenish Blue Paithani Silk Saree of Timeless Elegance


Rs. 4,900

Market Price: Rs. 15,000- Rs. 20,000

This saree was gifted to me by my mother. Elegance comes alive in this exquisite greenish-blue Paithani silk saree. Adorned with a graceful naarali border, it exudes a touch of tradition that seamlessly blends with its contemporary allure. The zari aanchal, resplendent with intricate peacock motifs, unfolds a tale of beauty and grace with every drape. Each thread weaves a narrative of artistry, weaving traditions of the past into the present. This masterpiece is a canvas of heritage and modernity, a timeless fusion that encapsulates the essence of timeless charm. From its naarali border to the peacock-adorned aanchal, this saree is a celebration of beauty that graces every moment. I have worn the saree a few times, have just no space in my closet and would like to rehome it. The saree has a few stains that don't really show. 

Usage: Barely Worn

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