MOS Preloved

SALILA- Passing the elegance forward, Odisha khandua silk saree in burnt orange


Rs. 4,600

Market Price: Rs. 8000- Rs. 9000

This exquisite Odisha Khandua silk saree aree elevates your ethnic elegance, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and tradition. In burnt orange colour and features a striking maroon border adorned with intricate temple motifs, adding a touch of divine grace. The true highlight is the Ikkat Aanchal, meticulously woven with lotus and other motifs. Draped in this saree, you'll be a vision of timeless beauty and culture. Embrace the heritage of Odisha with this stunning creation that seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary allure. I have just been gifted a saree in a similar combination so passing this saree forward.

Usage: Barely Worn

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